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Product design

We design your digital products and help set up all processes for a user centric organization.

We research your clients’ expectations and concerns. We redesign your product, team and business processes to meet or counter them. After which we set you up to do it yourself.

User research

We read support tickets, check analytics and talk to customers to fully understand the scope of the problem or question at hand.

User Experience Design

Based on our research we draw task trees and user flows, and organise all ideas into wireframes. A perfect blueprint to build on.

Product design

We design whatever we’ve drawn out together and make sure it’s rooted in research, deliberation and testing. A clickable mock-up serves as a testing ground for the future.

Product management

Making sure all decisions are well-informed and consistent is the core of a good product. Combining user input, technical reality and business goals is the task at hand.

To us, Durable Design is six standards to keep in mind, always:

Driven by research

You have to understand the problem before you can fix it. If not, you’ll probably end up making it worse. We are very serious about research, learning, measuring and making things better.

Form follows function

Those Bauhaus people had a very good point. If it’s pretty but it doesn’t work, what good is it to you? Usability, functionality and user experience will always outrank fancy frizzles.

Ethics by design

Designers have an undeniable impact on the end user. Their responsibility should weigh accordingly. If we have an effect on people and planet, it better be good

Inclusivity for all

The world should be equally accessible to everyone, same goes for the digital world. Everyone is different, outside and in. We aim for inclusive design, incorporating all differences from kick-off to testing.

Share the knowledge

Putting a big wall around your garden won’t make it flourish. Sharing the knowledge and insights you’ve gathered, though, will exponentially increase your progress. We keep your whole company in the loop about the why, how and what so that everybody both reaps and sows—especially the end users.

Train your successor

If you really care about the product, you want it to function smoothly even without your presence or interference. Just like being a parent means you don’t just say no, you explain why. We set up detailed documentation, hand over all processes and train your in-house team to keep the product quality on par after we deliver.

Hi, I'm Hannes

If you’re bobbing around in client requests, prioritisation and interface patterns, let us know. We’ll come and save your soul!

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