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Feature Discovery

You've identified the need of the market, you have a strategy to fulfil the need, you've built a team and you’re ready to rock and roll. But then the problem comes, what are you actually going to build? How do you translate the brilliant ideas in your head into actual features and test to see if they actually solve the problem you've set out to solve?

We can help solve your struggles

  • 01 / Feature discovery service

    Build a MVP

    You may have an idea but don’t know what to do next, a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) would be the first thing to build so you can test your ideas with real users before committing to any large-scale development project.

  • 02 / Feature discovery service

    Software redesign

    You might already have the software but are unhappy with the design, maybe your customer onboarding is taking too long, or your software needs a lot of manual work on top of it to deliver full value. We can look into your existing designs and help to clean that up.

How we define what feature to build

  • 01 / step

    Focus on the problem to solve

    Are you thinking in solutions or in problems? 98% of the time people come to us with a "cool idea”, but it's more important to focus first on the problem to solve. We welcome all ideas, but we need to focus on the solution that solves the actual problem and makes the biggest impact with limited resources.

  • 02 / step

    Talk to users

    We listen to your users to understand what their problems are and the context in which they appear. To fully understand the problems and user needs, research is often carried out in this stage, if not already done previously.

  • 03 / step

    Document feature specifications

    We collect all information and document all specifications relating to the feature to build, including use cases, research insights and metrics for measuring success. We make sure it is easy to navigate and understand by designers and engineers.

  • 04 / step

    Design the software

    With clear directions on what problems to solve and how to solve them, we put our brilliant designers (or yours) to work. Together we draw out the user flows and design the detailed user interface for the solution we select.

  • 05 / step

    Test with users

    After we've created the designs or prototypes, we put them in front of your users before we start developing them. We take in all feedback and adjust the designs where needed so that we spend as little development time as possible on the wrong solutions.

  • 06 / step

    Handover to engineers

    We document all our work and brief engineers on what needs to be built. And we follow up during the development process to ensure what is being built is in line with the designs and specifications.


Payflip was scaling up, and they were still struggling with handling their back-end manually. We worked together on designing an easy-to-use solution, so their employees would be unburdened from the manual work, and their users would have a more cohesive experience.

Need help with that feature documentation?

We help you find focus for your developers and still satisfying your sales and support people with requested features.
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