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Feature Discovery

You've identified the need of the market, you have a strategy to fulfil the need, you've built a team and you’re ready to rock and roll. But then the problem comes, what are you actually going to build? How do you translate the brilliant ideas in your head into actual features and test to see if they actually solve the problem you've set out to solve?

We can help solve your struggles

How we define what feature to build


Payflip was scaling up, and they were still struggling with handling their back-end manually. We worked together on designing an easy-to-use solution, so their employees would be unburdened from the manual work, and their users would have a more cohesive experience.

Will feature passports help me?

If you're trying to find focus for your developers and still satisfying your sales and support people with requested features. They definitely will.
We can help you with that.