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This is the crew that will smoothly sail you across the seven seas

We craft meaningful software; we are radically honest; we strive for long-lasting impact in software design; and we embrace diversity. All these strengths help us to make a real difference in the world.
We are not your typical software design agency. We focus on making a positive impact in the world through leveraging technology and designing meaningful software.

What’s the most important to us?

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    We value all opinions and voices.

    The more views you are confronted with, the more you can see things from different perspectives to get the full picture. We all come from different backgrounds and have lived in different places. We aim to foster a dynamic environment that nurtures open dialogue and the exploration of new ideas.

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    We take responsibility for what we leave behind.

    We take responsibility for what we do, be it the software we deliver to our clients or the impact we make on our planet. We want to make a positive and lasting impact, and that’s why we also use design as a social force for good, to create impactful software solutions that solve real issues.

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    We speak the truth, even when it's hard to hear.

    You cannot make meaningful progress without honest communication. If we see a pink elephant in the room, we’ll speak up and make sure it gets the spotlight it deserves. Communication is a keystone on the road to success. It also means we own, embrace and communicate about our mistakes.

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    We care about people.

    We put users at the centre when we design your software. And in the same way, we care and empathise with the people we work with, both clients and our teams. We believe success and good collaboration come from caring for one another. It can get you to your goals faster and with a pleasant journey along the way.

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    We enable and empower.

    We believe knowledge should be shared so that more people can do what we do - design software that makes a real user impact. By enabling and empowering others, whether it's our clients, our team members or people within our communities, we make a greater impact, even as a small team.

Our Mission

We care about creating impact. With our work, we want to create a positive impact on the planet in whatever shape or form, whether it's working on environmental products, bridging the digital and gender gaps, or creating better cities. Our designs always focus on accessibility, equality and diversity. We want to empower individuals of all backgrounds and ensure that no one is left behind. That is why we organise Women In Product dinners and participate actively in building collective knowledge with the Impact Community to create a positive global movement. Let us embark on this journey together and bring your ideas to life!

Meet the Smooth Sailing Team

Hi, I'm Hannes

If you’re bobbing around in client requests, prioritisation and interface patterns, let us know. We’ll come and save your soul!

The ☀️ was in my eyes for the picture. Sorry for that.