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We are Smooth Sailing, your durable* design team.

*durable doesn’t mean green. Or windy. Or sunny. It means you design a product, a team and a business to last, for the long run. The marathon, not the sprint. It also means that we don’t drop you after delivery, but help you gear up and do it yourself after we sail off.


From idea to product

You are (almost) a start-up and have a great idea for a digital product. We turn your idea into an investment-worthy product and your almost-start-up into a full-blown one.

“When you are targeting highly demanding users, they deserve the best! That's why we choose Smoothsailing to create a great user experience”

Xavier Pansaers – CEO Govrn

Like we did for Govrn

Clean-up, scale up

You took off at lightning speed and want to grow bigger and better, but the fast track left you with some messiness. We are here to clean up your product, processes and team.

“In a short time, they struggled through years of legacy decisions, brought new ideas and solid conclusions after extensive research.”

Michelle Dassen – Business & Product Lead Flexmail

Kind of our work for Flexmail

Don't take our word for it, though

Hi, I'm Hannes

If you’re bobbing around in client requests, prioritisation and interface patterns, let us know. We’ll come and save your soul!

The ☀️ was in my eyes for the picture. Sorry for that.

Talk to me