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Building a Team 

In SaaS business, finding the right people and being efficient is the key to success. It is all about spending your precious time and budget as efficiently as possible. When you have a clear and communicated vision, you need a team that is passionate and skilled to execute it. Because, all though we sell software, we are in a people business.

How we help you build a team

Building a team is not just recruiting, and having the right people does not automatically result in a fruitful collaboration. Defining the right roles and responsibilities is just as important to avoid frustration caused by broken processes or duplicated responsibilities.

Our goal is to help you establish a self-reflecting and self-managing organisation that takes up responsibility and solves problems that cross its path.

  • 01 / Hiring services

    Extend existing roles

    When capacity allows in your current team, existing roles can also be extended to take up product responsibilities. We help you figure out who has the necessary skills needed to take up these roles and define the new roles for them.

  • 02 / Hiring services

    Recruit new roles

    From writing the job descriptions to recruiting and evaluating, we hire the right product people for you. And since we’re not a recruiting agency, we find people that really fit your culture.

  • 03 / Hiring services

    Calibrate your team

    A healthy team dynamic is needed to ensure smooth collaboration and efficient execution in building SaaS software. We can assess and adjust your existing dynamic or shape it from the ground up.

  • 04 / Hiring services

    Interim product team

    We can help out with product managers and designers from the Smooth Sailing team while we build up yours. But our goal is to enable you to grow by internalising the people and knowledge, not for us to stay as long as possible as part of the team.

Who will you need on your team

A product team is responsible for understanding the (future) customer needs, prioritising and shaping the needs into solutions so the engineering team can smoothly execute them. 

  • 01 / Roles

    Product managers

    They are responsible for prioritising “what problems to solve”. They collect information from the customer success teams, sales, engineering and C-level executives to figure out what investment of time and money will bring the most value. We should give them insights, goals and feedback, but never just software solutions to build.

  • 02 / Roles


    They translate problems into product features - a solution to your market needs. They take into account branding, accessibility, usability, and efficiency of use and solve issues such as:

    • keeping the product onboarding as fast as possible
    • building trust by maintaining consistency in the interface
    • and making users love your product so much that they can’t stop talking about it
  • 03 / Roles

    Design and Product leads

    They make sure designers and product managers can do a great job. They figure out the collaboration processes and build a culture where people can thrive in. They also jump into very complex situations where extra experience is very helpful.


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