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Building a Team

In SaaS business, finding the right people and being efficient is the key to success. It is all about spending your precious time and budget as efficiently as possible. When you have a clear and communicated vision, you need a team that is passionate and skilled to execute it. Because, all though we sell software, we are in a people business.

How we help you build a team

Building a team is not just recruiting, and having the right people does not automatically result in a fruitful collaboration. Defining the right roles and responsibilities is just as important to avoid frustration caused by broken processes or duplicated responsibilities.

Our goal is to help you establish a self-reflecting and self-managing organisation that takes up responsibility and solves problems that cross its path.

Who will you need on your team

A product team is responsible for understanding the (future) customer needs, prioritising and shaping the needs into solutions so the engineering team can smoothly execute them.


Let’s hop on a call

I'm Hannes, by the way.

Getting to know each other is a good way to start. During our call,
we will discuss your goals, how we can help and when we’ll open the