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UX Design

User experience (UX) design is about creating a positive digital experience for users with meaningful and understandable features from the start. While marketing aims to wow people with the introduction of the product, a good UX design delights users with a positive experience of the software from the start of using it until they go do something else.

We design a flow that works 

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    User flows and task trees

    User flows and task trees describe the sequence in which tasks are to be completed in the product. Analysing and designing an intuitive flow ensure users can easily find their way through your product and happily fulfil their goals. These deliverables give you the first insight into how the product will work and provide the full context for your software engineers.

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    Wireframes are a visual way to communicate the concept of a product and the structure of the interface components to your stakeholders and the team. It looks a bit like a black-and-white version, and some details are still missing, but they are a great way to make concepts tangible.

Our approach to UX design

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    Analyse research findings

    Knowing your users and their context is essential in crafting a superb user experience. Before drawing out ideas, we first dive into your research findings. We dive into the data collected and the user research conducted and analyse it to generate hypotheses. By asking simple yet difficult questions, we challenge existing assumptions, identify gaps and form hypotheses.

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    Generate ideas and user flows

    We generate ideas through co-creation while keeping users' goals and your business objectives in mind. We push you, your team and ourselves to explore new approaches and discover opportunities towards innovative and creative solutions. During this phase, we merge your business goals, users' needs and the power of technology into tangible concepts for your product.

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    Consolidate a plan

    The user experience design is more than a concept. During this phase, we turn business requirements, users' needs and all insights into tangible blueprints your team can easily understand. We perform task analyses, set up the navigation and structure the content to help you consolidate a plan that brings a meaningful and user-friendly product into the world.


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