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Software Product Strategy

We are sure you have a strategy for your company, but do you have one for your software product(s)? Is the strategy known and carried by your teams? A clear, understandable and inspiring product strategy that cascades from the company vision is essential to point all noses in the same direction.

Are you noticing these issues?

Chances are you have a bad strategy or no strategy at all. 

  • 01 / issue

    Endless discussions on what to build

  • 02 / issue

    Broken collaboration between teams

  • 03 / issue

    Too many features in your software

  • 04 / issue

    Users drop off after onboarding

How we build a software strategy

  • 01 / Step

    Talk to internal stakeholders

    We interview all internal stakeholders to understand what the goals, expectations and viewpoints are of all stakeholders.

  • 02 / Step

    Talk to users

    We talk to (potential) users to understand if users actually have the problems you’re trying to solve and whether you will be able to find a market for your software.

  • 03 / Step

    Map out all insights, contradictions, learnings

    We visualise everything we learnt and transform it into a user journey, visually indicating all the problem areas. We go over it with you so you get a better understanding of the opportunities.

  • 04 / Step

    We sit down and write a vision together in a one-pager

    During a workshop that we lead, we push you to make choices and write down the decisions made. We follow well-proven frameworks and methods to capture the strategy and make sure it’s in the right place in your documentation.

  • 05 / Step

    Regular reviews and revisions

    We will schedule reviews at fixed time intervals to review the strategy. But we will also refer to updating the document when we notice there’s additional information and/or when your priorities change.

What you can expect from us

Above all - radical honesty. 
If we find out that your software will not find a market, we will tell you, and we will help you find your way. 

  • 01 / Strategy service

    Software product vision

    Through workshops and sprints, we help you clearly define a software product vision that cascades from your company vision. We write it down in a one-pager that clearly documents all essential elements to be shared and aligned across your product, engineering, marketing, sales and support teams.

  • 02 / Strategy service

    Software product strategy

    Based on your product vision, we work together to create a concise, inspiring, and understandable strategy for your software. It is a strategy you can easily communicate and work on with different teams. We also schedule regular reviews and updates to make sure you adapt when the wind changes.


Can an agency create a strategy? You don’t have all the information we have?

It's exactly because we’re an external party, we rely on interviewing stakeholders to get information and we leave our own bias at the door. We don’t have agendas or people to please. The only goal we have is to build long-lasting software.

This must take months! We don't have time for this...

You don't have time to waste, neither do we. We take on average one month to interview everyone and put all our findings down on paper. One month is nothing compared to the months you will be building the (potentially) wrong software if you don’t take the time to write down the why, the who and the how.


To grow their organisation, Solventure needed product skills to formulate direction in their product portfolio. They create software for supply chain management, and we helped them out by taking up challenges and bringing our expertise.