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We know the startup struggle

Are you struggling with design, usability or prioritisation? Or is your team experiencing issues with engineering speed, or is the collaboration between teams not running smoothly? Great news, we can help you out!

What we can help you with


Slow onboarding

The goal of a startup is to grow. Onboarding new customers that takes weeks or even months can hold you back, big time. Check how we helped Flexmail improve its onboarding process or watch our video with instructions.


Shift from service to SaaS

Many service and consultancy-focused companies are looking at the SaaS model for scaling. But there are more shifts needed than just the revenue model.


Find Product-Market Fit

One of the top reasons why startups fail is the lack of Product-Market Fit. So pause and think for a moment, are you building software that meets real user needs?

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I'm Hannes

Captain & Design lead

If you’re drowning in client requests, complex prioritisation exercises and interface patterns, let us know. We’ll come and save your soul!