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100 impactful startup founders share their stories

We are interviewing

At Smooth Sailing, we are very interested in how technology can help overcome the big challenges that our species are facing. We believe the way forward is by developing technology people want to use because it is valuable to them, not just to save the planet. We want to understand the Impact Founders, entrepreneurs who believe in a better world and achieve that in an economic reality.
That's why we are interviewing them, figuring out how they will change the world and what is holding them back. We already know sustainability is a trending topic, by now, Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are already on the agenda of governments and corporates, and Greta, the Swedish environmental activist has become a pop icon. But what are startup entrepreneurs doing to make that change?

After the interviews...

We'll publish the insights

Once we reach that magical number of 100 interviews, or an interesting amount, we’ll take the time to write out the patterns we found in a nice story and make it available to the world.

You know, a publication, something you can read in your hammock.

Don't hesitate to reach out if you're interested in contributing!

Who should we talk to?

Are you a startup leader or do you know someone we should talk to? Let us know!

13 done, 2 scheduled and 85 interviews to go!

We like to hear the entrepreneurial stories of impact organisations in short 20-minute interviews. We'll do these online, fitting right between other meetings and lunchtime. We guarantee anonymity if needed, or we can share your name and logo with your permission.


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