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Management Coaching

Running (or founding) a startup is not a walk in the park. By definition, you are in innovation, which means a lot of learning and a lot of failing too. And these ups and downs often lead to uncertainty. We have seen our part of despair when making hard choices, especially when metrics are not going in the right direction while trying to reduce costs. Let us guide you through that rough sea.

We put the moving parts in place

There are many unpredictable and often hidden forces to control in order to be successful. And because we’ve seen our fair share of startups, we can work to break the silos and make more impact beyond just the product team.

Key aspects of coaching

Even though there is no silver bullet in entrepreneurship, taking good care of some aspects can still help increase the success rate.

Your value extends beyond product and does make us a better management team.


After Izix split from it’s mother company Bepark, they lacked a clear prioritisation process. Competing interests from stakeholders also pulled their team in a different directions. We stepped in and helped them cash in on existing product opportunities.


Let’s hop on a call

I'm Hannes, by the way.

Getting to know each other is a good way to start. During our call,
we will discuss your goals, how we can help and when we’ll open the