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Software Delivery & Process

To create software, your design and engineering teams need to work together to build it, your sales and customer support teams need to understand what is being built, and your management needs to be updated on how long it would take and how far you've progressed. Keeping all these internal parties on the same page requires continuous communication, clarification and alignment. And that's why you need a good process to ensure smooth delivery.

We can fix broken processes

  • 01 / Delivery Service


    Are you continuously getting questioned on why this feature is the most important one to build? Having a clear prioritisation framework will help you avoid these questions.

  • 02 / Delivery Service

    Roadmap creation

    Are your team and customers constantly asking what's coming next, or sometimes your sales team sell features that won't get built? Chances are you're missing a roadmap.

  • 03 / Delivery Service

    Process and communication

    Do you often have misalignments between teams and end up with endless meetings but still don't see improvements? There might be some broken links in your process and communication.

How we create a good process

  • 01 / Step

    Define a prioritisation framework

    We look at your product strategy, priorities and things that matter to both your company and your users, and we create a prioritisation framework that works for you.

  • 02 / Step

    Create and communicate a roadmap

    We apply the prioritisation framework to all your problems and ideas and prioritise them. We plug them onto a timeline so you can clearly see what will be built and when. Then, we will advise on how to communicate the roadmap internally and externally and set up the necessary tools to do so. Check out how we've done this for Izix.

  • 03 / Step

    Install the proper process and tools

    What methodology should you follow - kanban, sprints, or something entirely unique? We look at the needs of all teams and create a cadence that works for everyone. Together with that, we bring in the right tools to support all teams. Whether it’s for documentation, roadmap building, issue tracking or measuring, we can recommend the best tools for your situation and set those up.

  • 04 / Step

    Set up the right meetings

    Not everything needs to be a meeting, but having the right meetings can benefit tremendously. For example, when people need to collaborate, stand-ups and sync meetings can be highly efficient for everyone to know what’s prioritised, to get unblocked, and to get aligned. We will figure out what meetings are beneficial and set them up for you.


After Izix split from it’s mother company Bepark, they lacked a clear prioritisation process. Competing interests from stakeholders also pulled their team in a different directions. We stepped in and helped them cash in on existing product opportunities.