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Product design

We design products that solve real user problems

We research your clients’ expectations and concerns. We match that with your business and technology context and (re)design your product.

User Experience Design

Based on our research we draw task trees and user flows, and organise all ideas into wireframes. A perfect blueprint to build on.

UI design

We design whatever we’ve drawn out together and make sure it’s rooted in research, deliberation and testing. A clickable mock-up serves as a testing ground for the future.

Validation & User testing

After we have designed or built something, we test it with the right target audience to see if we have created the correct solution. This means whether they understand its purpose, how it works and if they flow through it as expected. We want users to be able to use a digital product fully and understand it with little mental effort.

Our principles for product design:

Driven by research

You need to truly understand the problem at hand before you can solve it. If you do not understand the true issue, you might make the current product worse.
We highly value research, learning, tracking results, optimising a product and take it very seriously.

Form follows function

The Bauhaus designers had an excellent vision - if it’s pretty, but it doesn’t work, what good is it to one?
Usability, functionality and user experience will always outrank fancy frizzles.

Ethical design

Designers have an undeniable impact on the end user. Thus they should take responsibility for building ethical products.
If we have an effect on people and the planet, we want the outcome to make things better.

Inclusivity for all

Opportunities should be accessible to everyone. This should be the case in the digital world as well. Everyone is different, in and outside.
We strive for inclusive design and incorporate different people throughout the whole process, from kick-off to user testing.

Sharing knowledge

Just because you put a fence around your garden doesn't mean your flowers will bloom better or faster. The same goes for knowledge. Sharing knowledge and insights gathered will exponentially increase progress on any project.
We keep your whole company up to date about the why, how and what we're designing so that everybody benefits, especially the end users.

Train your successor

If you care about your product, you want it to work at all times, even without your presence or interference.
We set up detailed documentation, hand over all processes and train your in-house team to keep the product process and quality on par after we deliver.

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