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Shift from service to SaaS

The Lean Startup taught us: you start small, do things manually, measure success and automate the things that work. In reality, not all SaaS startups were born like this. Quite on the contrary, we encounter many service and consultancy-focused companies that are looking at the SaaS model in order to grow. Adding more people to your team tends to be slower (and more expensive) in the long run than selling subscriptions.

How to make the transition

Successfully transitioning into a SaaS model is easier said than done. Not only the revenue model is different, but also the skills and mindset within the organisation need to shift to a different focus. Well, we all know that with a SaaS subscription model, scaling should be easier since it won't require manual work from your team to get a new client onboard, your software will do it for you. Besides the software to build, there are a few other forces to consider within your organisation as well.

Shift to a SaaS organisation

There are many factors to consider when shifting to a SaaS model, here are just some example factors to consider.

Still a bit lost? We can help!

We worked with a fair share of SaaS startups and know the pitfalls to avoid.


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