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Slow Onboarding

When discussing goals with startup CEOs, the number one priority is scaling, or sometimes in other words “we want more users”, “higher engagement” or “more product-led growth”. This is oftentimes set back by the first hurdle in the software - the onboarding process.

What's slowing you down?

When you are not bootstrapping, the way to be profitable is by figuring out how to increase your most important metrics. And reducing the time to get potential users from interested leads to paying customers is essential for growth. But what slowed down this process? A lengthy onboarding process starts shaping as the number of features in your software expands and grows in complexity. Especially if your users are not the same early adopters anymore and you focus more on customer success and sales than on actual users.

For Flexmail, we reduced the onboarding time from months to days by removing tedious manual processes and making it more self-service for potential users. Read more about these onboarding improvements and how we did so.

Signs of a slow onboarding

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it's time to improve the onboarding.

We have some thoughts on how to change that!

We even created a video on how you can take onboarding manners into your own hands. 👇

To summarise the video in a nutshell, here are what we can do to help: 


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