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Case studies

Conversation Starter

Improving Conversation Starter's UX so users can book meetings easier

When planning meetings, scheduling the most fitting spot in 2 people’s agendas can be tedious. That was also the case for the users of ConversationStarter, an online networking tool. Painful because successful meetings are at the core of this product. Enter Smooth Sailing!

Conversation starter timeline view

About Conversation Starter

Conversation Starter is an online networking tool that allows people to plan short meetings with each other, online or in person.

Issues Conversation Starter was having

Connecting people and organising meetings is at the heart of Conversation Starter. However while talking to and observing users we learnt that:

  1. It was unclear how they could set their meeting availability
  2. If they did find the settings, they were unsure whether or not their availabilities had been saved after changing it.
  3. They experienced the interface as text-heavy and expected the interface to guide them.
Conversation starter old design vs new design

Before | After - Settings to change availability

Services used

User Experience Design

Based on our research we draw task trees and user flows, and organise all ideas into wireframes. A perfect blueprint to build on.

Validation & User testing

After we have designed or built something, we test it with the right target audience to see if we have created the correct solution. This means whether they understand its purpose, how it works and if they flow through it as expected. We want users to be able to use a digital product fully and understand it with little mental effort.


We create easy-to-navigate design and product documentation of why and how we did something and share all our knowledge with your team.