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Sharing knowledge and insights exponentially increases progress on any project. But we get it, writing it all down is tedious and no one really did it in your company. That’s why we take it on us to write product documentation and keep your whole company up to date about the why, how and what we're doing.

Benefits of documentation

Alignment & transparency between teams

Everyone is always in the know of their responsibilities.

Spend less time in meetings

Every stakeholder can catch up & reading asynchronously instead of being invited to another meeting

Avoid having the same discussions

By storing decisions & facts that are easily searchable and accessible you can avoid going in rounds.

Faster onboarding of new hires

All historical context is readily available.

The ultimate benefit of documentation is that you can build digital products faster and with less error!

Documentation we provide

  1. Feature passports

    We document all specs of a feature in one place!

  2. Product strategy

    Based on research, we write out and visualize how your product could look like in the future.

  3. User research insights

    We extract insights out of quantitive or qualitative research and document all answers to big questions in one place.

Our documentation includes

Business rationale
We research and dig to understand why and whom we are really doing something for.

Requirements, scope, usecases & long term vision
We list out all the usercases, problems to solve and what was in/out of scope. That way all teams know what is expected from them at any point. But we also include the future iterations and where we aim to go with the feature.

Designs & user flows
We share all links to our designs, and we add all necessary other visuals like userjourneys. Anyone who doesn’t have product knowledge should understand how it works from looking at the documentation.

KPI’s & how to measure them
We list out success criteria of every feature/ design / idea and list out ideas how to measure them. Ready for development to implement!

Research & usertesting learningsAll insights, patterns and feedback are documented together with the goals that kicked off the research project.

Open questions & known issues
At every step of the process we list out the open questions and issues, as well as the answers we collect along the way. That way we ensure no one has to answer the same question twice.

Oh yes, we create documentation in the tool you’re using. Whether that’s Notion, Gitbook, Confluence, Word… (but please don’t let it be Word).

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We know all about Feature Passports!

A feature passport documents the vision and execution of a feature as well as the possible next steps and all other necessary documentation. If you're trying to find focus for your developers while also help your sales and support people, they will definitely help do so!

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