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Payflip is a Belgian startup that provides a digital “Cafeteria Plan” service to employers and their employees. A cafeteria plan allows employees to choose their extra-legal benefits from a range of benefits, instead of having a fixed package the employer chooses.

Problem & Goal

As they are scaling up, Payflip asked us to digitise benefits that they were still handling manually in the back-end. To get an insurance plan, for instance, users had to fill out a Google Form. Payflip wanted to create a solution in their app so their employees would be unburdened from the manual toil and their users would have a more cohesive experience.

Our Approach

Payflip makes complex legal issues easy for companies and their employees. In order to translate the current "Mechanical Turk" into a self-explaining digital interface, we need to map out how things work now. To map out the current flow, we interviewed Payflip customer success people. With this visual representation of the process, we could easily see possible future improvements and prioritise them.

From a Google Form...

The existing way of doing things was by asking for all the information needed with a Google Form. This is a perfect way of validating if the flow is correct, but it requires a lot of manual labour for both users and Payflip. But it's not scalable, at all. an integrated app flow.

We designed an interface for Payflip clients to easily onboard with little or no help from the customer success team. The new user interface provides transparency on choices made and missing information, helping all parties involved do their jobs more efficiently.

Anchored in a design system

The Payflip team reacts swiftly to changing customer needs and legal contexts, as a good startup does. That means that engineering and design processes should be swift as well. We translated patterns from the software into a design system, a library of interface components that can be easily reused to prototype fast and keep the interface consistent.


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