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Case studies


Reducing operational toil by designing in-app solutions

About Payflip

Payflip is a Belgian startup that provides a digital “Cafeteria Plan” service to employers and their employees. A cafetaria plan allows employees to choose their extra-legal benefits from a range of benefits, instead of having a fixed package the employer chooses.

Problem & goal

As they are scaling up, Payflip asked us to digitise benefits that they were still handling manually in the back-end. To get an insurance, for instance, users had to fill out a Google Form.

Payflip wanted to create a solution in their app so their employees would be unburdened from the manual toil, and their users would have a more cohesive experience.

Result: Before & After

Payflip Google Form Concordia Insurance Setup


A Google Form in the browser.

Payflip Employee Tool Concordia Insurance Setup


An integrated flow in the Payflip app will make for an improved user experience.

Services used