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Dieter Peirs

Product designer

Dieter advocates for applications that are sustainable, simple to use and accessible to all. To achieve this, he balances aesthetics, experience and performant code. He builds prototypes with special attention to WCAG standards, highlighting ethical dilemmas along the way.

During projects he likes to focus on:

  • Optimising visual identities for a clean UI
  • Creating design systems and setting up pattern libraries
  • Building prototypes
  • Making interfaces accessible

On the side, he's conquering his fear of heights by climbing up and down walls. Noodling on his guitar and doing silly yoga poses keep his mind and body flexible.

Articles by Dieter

  • You probably need a design system. Or do you?

    Design systems are a common topic if you work in product design. Creating such a system is often sold as the fix to all of your product’s design, scaling and consistency issues. But is it really the best solution for your product?

    By Dieter Peirs