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Wine and Dine with Us!

At Smooth Sailing, we enjoy qualitative, yet informal networking. That’s why we organise Women in Product dinners; small scale dinners for women that work in the Product scene. In the time span of a few courses, we share our experiences, future career ambitions, laughs and we broaden our network.

Women in Product dinners?

Every couple months we gather a small group of women that work in Product for a free dinner in a great, cozy restaurant somewhere in Belgium. We send all the details ahead of the event and ask for input on what conversations they would like to have. The only thing you need to do is show up!

How are Women In Product dinners different ?

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    Informal, easy-going chats

    We don't do large formal networking with awkward chats somewhere in a cold corporate cafetaria. We believe in bringing together small, well-curated groups with similar interests so conversations flow naturally.
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    Warm, fostering environment

    We carefully invite women only with different backgrounds, but with similarities. We invite people with different job titles, from different industries, but all working in the digital field.

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    Great food in a cozy restaurant

    The most interesting conversations spark around great food in a cozy setting, right? That's why we bring people together over dinner.

Thank you for the inspiring night. Interesting talks, delicious food and great organisation!

Want to be invited?

Leave your details here and we will get in touch if there's a dinner soon that would be great for you!

What location would you like to attend a dinner in?

6th Women in Product dinner: Real Talks & Epic Food

Discover all about our 6th Women in Product dinner—an event uniting women in tech for in-depth discussions over meals. With a focus on female founders, this gathering highlighted challenges in product innovation, early-stage pitfalls, evolving design frameworks, and the power of community collaboration. Beyond business, we hope these dinners foster personal connections, serving as catalysts for change within the tech industry.