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Gregor Bräunig

Product Manager

Gregor learned the craft of product management at one of Germany's largest comparison platforms. He was responsible for different products, developed web and native apps, and collaborated with other product teams. He carried the ownership from beginning to end, ideated & prototyped new features, and supervised the release.

After graduating from the Associate Program of On Purpose Berlin, he used these skills to support products with social impact. That is where he also learned more about the value of UX research and product discovery. Since then he has been passionate about solving the right user problem and is never shy of asking critical questions.

Gregor will always be happy to bring his skills to new teams and products:

  • Understanding system & user needs
  • Prototyping new ideas with No Code
  • Creating clear processes for product development
  • Testing and quality assurance
  • Data and performance analytics

Besides working on products, he likes to ride his bike and promote a sustainable lifestyle, as in product management, sometimes "less is more".