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Before we jump in your project, we want to understand your context, the market you operate in and most importantly; your (potential) users.

Our research services

User & stakeholder interviews

We talk to your employees, prospects, users to understand the big picture; their motivations, issues and behaviors.

Data analytics

We go through your product analytics or other data to check how users interact with your product, what customer segments you have and find persona.

Support research

We read and analyse your support tickets to find bugs, insights and feature requests.

Market & competitor research

We study competitors and meaningful trends in the landscape you're operating in to find opportunities

To build a good solution, you need to fully understand the problem. To understand the problem, you need to understand the people who are experiencing it.

How we will approach your research project

  1. Setting research goals

    It is easy to drown in information and stray away from what’s really important, that’s why we set research goals; What do we want to learn? What assumptions do we want to invalidate? Sticking to goals reduces bias and generates more valuable user insights.

  2. Breaking down goals in method and questions

    We translate research goals into an actionable plan of action. This way we can ask the right questions, use suitable methods (whether qualitative or quantitative) and plan how we are going to gather the data.

  3. Doing the research

    We begin our research with little information and lots of uncertainty, bit by bit we unravel the mysteries. By the end of this phase we have a clear view on how to tackle your challenge.

  4. Extracting insights

    After the research phase, we go back to the raw notes, recordings or data and distill all patterns, insights and learnings and capture it in a structured format. We go back to the research goals and answer the high-level questions. Additionally we add all other valuable learnings.

  5. Documenting and sharing our learnings

    We document every step we mentioned above, add recommend actions to take, and share it with you and your team.

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Flexmail dealt with too many features

We dove deep into the product analytics, chatted with internal stakeholders and were able to make the product way less complex.

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