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Women In Product is growing!

Sharing knowledge is everything.

The third edition of Women in Product, was a resounding success, and it's safe to say that it was a much-needed event in the Belgian product landscape. The event brought together women from all corners of the product industry to discuss the latest trends, share their experiences, and network with one another.

But more than that, we believe sharing knowledge is intrinsic to intellectual and personal growth. Whether it is formal or not, linked to a specific aspect of the product, or just the joy of storytelling, communicating and sharing knowledge is at the heart of our design and product practices.

It is certainly something that we want to enable as much as possible. And our diners are all about that: gather throughout an evening talented women with all levels of experience to talk share and hopefully create supportive and meaningful connections.

Our last edition was set again in the beautiful Epiphany’s kitchen, where we let ourselves be inspired by the majestuous food and the delightful conversations.

With participants from ACA Group, Neuroventis, Team Leader, Chequroom, and Izix, we shared impactful conversations about various subjects ranging from being a woman in a male-dominated field to specific product issues.

From Women in Product to Women in Tech

One of the key takeaways from the event was the importance of diversity in the tech industry. Women are often underrepresented in tech, and events like Women in Product are a great way to bring attention to this issue and provide a platform for women to network and connect with one another.

In our coming events, we also also want to emphasize the importance of mentorship and support networks in the tech industry. Women need to have access to mentors and role models who can help guide them and provide support throughout their careers.

We’ve been brainstorming a few options, and the next edition will be a refreshingly new format with a more inclusive crowd. Women In Product will become Women In Tech events where women across the industry can meet and talk in a casual and welcoming setting targeting specific issues.

And that is why we’d love to hear from you! What are you currently struggling the most with? Who would you like to learn from?

Leave your contact info below and be part of our next delicious adventure!

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I love discussing product management; going from idea to product, knowing if you hit product market fit, quantitive vs qualitative research, scaling the product processes, solving user's problems and making things more efficient...

I also love to spar, exchange thoughts & ideas and talk to just about anyone in your company. Feel free to reach out!

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