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From Design to Impact: Our Shift to Doing Good

Published July 08, 2024 | Written by Hannes D’Hulster

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What's an Impact Organization Anyway?

An impact organization is like your regular company but on a mission to make the world a better place. Shifting the focus more on “planet” and less on “profit”. These companies aim to solve big societal and environmental issues while still keeping the lights on.

Why We're Switching Things Up

You might be wondering why we're shifting from our regular design activities to become an impact design agency. Here’s why:

Bye-Bye, “Bullshit Jobs”

The term “bullshit jobs,” stated by anthropologist David Graeber, refers to employment that is perceived as meaningless or socially pointless. At Smooth Sailing, we want our deliveries to mean something. If we’re spending half our lives working, we’d better make sure it counts!

Our Built-In Moral Compass

Many of us were raised to believe in doing the right thing. It’s like we have an internal GPS that keeps rerouting us to the ethical path. That’s why we’re pivoting to impact design. It’s in our DNA to care about more than just the aesthetics or the paycheck.

Designers Reflect and Do Good

We’ve been reflecting—a lot and realized our work can’t just be about making things look great. It has to have a purpose. We, as designers, have a focus to do good—whether that’s through sustainable products or making user experiences more inclusive.

Bigger Problems, Bigger Challenges

Designers love a good problem to solve. But another corporate just to add a famous logo? Meh. We want to tackle the big issues—climate change, social inequality, you name it. These challenges need creativity, and we’re eager to dive in and find solutions.

Our Moral Ambition: Talent + Ambition = Action

Rutger Bregman talks about moral ambition, and boy, do we have it! We’ve got the talent and the drive to make a real difference, so why not use it for good?

What This Means for Us (And You)

This isn’t just a superficial makeover. We’re committed to aligning our projects with our values and making a real impact. And we’re inviting you—our clients, partners, and friends—to join us in this mission. Let’s create something amazing together, something that actually makes the world a better place.

So, here's to a future where our designs don’t just look good—they do good too.

Feel like joining the ride? We’re all ears (and eyes, and design tools). Let’s make some magic happen!

Published July 08, 2024 | Written by Hannes D’Hulster

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