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From idea to product

After doing 100 interviews and many years of participating in several boards, Xavier Pansaers & Jean-Louis Van Houwe know what problem needed solving.

The challenge

To create an effortless way for board members to make informed decisions, we had to:

  • Get rid of all board-related updates and questions via e-mail. A cluttered mailbox gives no overview and important decisions get lost.
  • Make the context of a discussion easily available so decisions can be made swiftly and with confidence.
  • Enable secure communication between board members (no "reply all" mistakes)

In order to onboard beta users for feedback, we created an MVP that would solve all the above.

From insights to concepts

Guided by the product design process we started by diving into the existing research. By challenging the insights and comparing them to competitors and other Software as a Service (SaaS) companies we could derive the "problem to solve" from the wide range of interview input.

By cutting and pasting screenshots from our favorite search, documentation, and productivity tools we stitched together a first tangible concept where the whole team could relate to.

Govrn Wireframes

Lowfi prototypes for validation

After many hours of discussions and 10+ iterations of the wireframes, we derived a clickable prototype of how the app should work. We worked with a mobile-first approach, which forced us to keep the interface simple.

This mock-up was used to show the first prospects and receive valuable feedback. We learned that the voting functionality and the calendar concept were unclear at that point. Build fast, learn fast!

Govrn Interfaces

Analyse, design & build

After that first validation, we dove headfirst into the MVP creation. Three tracks deployed at the same time, pretty challenging to keep everything smoothly coordinated.

  1. Detailed analysis of all functionality: we created "feature passports" where the why, the how and the KPIs are captured.
  2. Designed a high-fidelity HTML version of the user interface. Patterns were documented for swift implementation.
  3. The engineering team (of Exthand) was able to build the MVP based on the above preparations.

Quality control and team roles

The first internal release of a piece of software always generates a bunch of feedback. We organized and structured the feedback, so bugs were identified quickly and new crazy ideas were parked for a later stage.

Happy beta users were onboarded not long after that.

After the MVP launch, another way of working ensured continuous design and development.

When you are targeting highly demanding users, they deserve the best! That's why we choose Smooth Sailing to create a great user experience.

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