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Judith Straetemans

Product Manager

Judith comes with extensive experience optimising innovative products and processes from very small health start-ups in San Francisco to scale-ups like Stripe in Dublin.

She thrives on finding messy problems and leveraging data as well as structured, repeatable approaches to solving them.

Building a great product means for Judith:

  • Focusing on a true user and business problem and being held accountable to that by putting measurable goals against it.
  • Scraping away all unnecessary complexity to go straight to the essence.
  • Separating hypotheses from facts and data.
  • Good ideas come from all kinds of places, making sure everyone in the team is heard.

Other notable facts about Judith:

One thing that is giving me tremendous energy is gaining knowledge and learning new things. I actually have 8 degrees & certificates and only read non-fiction books on things I have zero knowledge about. Currently reading: “Men that Turn 50", "How to age graciously”.

When I am not focussing on very rational things like frameworks, analytics, flowcharts... I like to be creative by drawing. I am currently studying design sketching at Sint Lucas Academy in Ghent.

Articles by Judith