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Product management

We set up all processes for a smooth product organization

The trick with creating high-quality digital products - besides great research or sweet designs - is keeping that baby alive. During development and after that first release.

In order to do that the three main forces should be balanced: Business, Technology, and User needs. A product manager's job is to make sure the right decisions are made in order to keep the product working smooth and all stakeholders happy.

Three steps

  1. Establishing a vision

    If you want everybody within your team to work together instead, a common product vision is pretty essential. Getting to that one-pager takes time to research your users, your competitors and formulate your opinion. Heavy duty, but totally worth it.

  2. Installing processes

    Once everybody knows where we're heading, it is an art to stay on course. Depending on the maturity of your team and the existing context we install ways for:

    • Documentation (the ones who are read)
    • Meetings (only the effective ones)
    • A roadmap (that is met ánd is flexible)
    • User feedback (quantitative and qualitative)
    • Having crazy product ideas (Admit it, you have them)
  3. Just, Smooth Sailing

    Even with all processes in place, a clear vision, and a team that knows their job, is creating a digital product never a walk in the park. Conflicts will arise, new board members (with strong opinions) will onboard and technology will change. Product management is constant travel towards a smoother way of working, without ever reaching that promised land.
    But reflection and open communication will make it an interesting journey.


Product vision

A document that is understandable by both your team and the world that explains what problem your product solves and why it is better than the competition.

Value based roadmap

By scheduling the user problem and not the feature, we ensure that we deliver value in sales and user engagement. What features that should be included is a joint decision between product and engineering.

Feature passports

Documentation of your functionality in such a way everyone gets it. It contains the why of a product, how to measure its success and how we see it evolve. Written by the whole team, from sales over engineering to product and the customer success folks.

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