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Product manager


We are looking for a Product manager to join our ship. Someone who keeps their head cool while synthesising business, user and technological contexts

About us

We are an ambitious digital design studio that focuses on Durable Design. Durable means qualitative design that lasts for a long time and has a long term positive effect on people. We think research is key to a good design process.

We work together as a team of specialists, with people with different talents and backgrounds.

We’ve created some interesting stories about what we think is important in the world of design, enjoy the reading!

What will you be doing?

  • Understand the existing (product) organization and situation of our clients
  • Spot and formulate needed changes
  • Manage a design team towards these changes
  • Install these changes at the client side
  • Clearly communicate about them
  • Saying no, that is not a good idea.
  • Having conversations with CTOs and developers
  • Set up the appropriate documentation
  • Find and coach people to support the new product organization

These skills will help you with that

Don’t hesitate to apply if you don’t fulfil 100% of the requirements. Superheroes don’t exist, people with passion and talent do!

Soft skills

  • You are open minded: you listen, understand, discuss and find solutions
  • You work best in a team
  • You communicate well (using Zoom, Slack, mail or in real live)
  • You can give and receive feedback
  • You are curious and eager to learn
  • You understand long-term effect of your actions
  • You’re analytical AND creative
  • You are intrigued by human behavior

Hard skills

  • You have done your part of digital projects
  • You have helped organizations through a change
  • You know a well crafted digital product from
  • You can express the value of user input
  • You can facilitate a workshop or difficult decision meeting
  • You have taken decision based on analytics before
  • You have created a product roadmap before

Bonus points

  • You tasted the start-up or scale-up product culture
  • You worked as a designer or engineer before


At Smooth Sailing you will be working in a small team with great people (that’s what everyone says). We make time for weekly feedback moments and pick the projects you work on based on your skill level and learning path.

We offer money in the bank every month and all the sleep you need. You choose when and where you work. We provide you with the necessities for doing a good job: a laptop, a phone, a personal learning path, meal vouchers and proper assurance.

Next steps

Interested? Apply through Recrutee and tell us about your favorite digital product or platform and what problem it solves. Please don’t forget to attach your cv.

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